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Never perform welding or cutting operations near combustible materials (gasoline cans, paints, paper, rags, etc.). Always protect you, other workers, welding hoses, gas cylinders, and flammable materials from the hot slag and sparks resulting from the welding and cutting operations.

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Oxy-acetylene cutting can be used to cut thicknesses from 2/8″ to up to 12″. This course provides understanding of oxy-acetylene welding and cutting, as well as safety practices. Course Content. This course content is in the following PDF document: Introduction to Gas Welding and Cutting


Oct 20, 2017 · SAFETY IN GAS CUTTING. Maroon in color. Acetylene gas (C2H2) is dissolved in acetone (liquid) and stored at 250 psi, in a specially designed cylinder. Acetylene cylinders have a volume of 8.5 m3. Acetylene cylinder pressure between 17.5767 Kg/cm2 (250 PSI) to 13.3583 kg/cm2 (190 PSI)


6. When performing welding, cutting, and/or brazing operations in areas on or around Acutely Hazardous Materials which are included in a Process Safety Management (PSM) Program, a hot work permit is required. F. Ventilation: Cutting or welding operations must be performed in areas with adequate ventilation to keep fumes and gases within safe ...

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Hand Sanitizer.pdf Place this sign at the entrance to the building and anywhere that the message might be helpful. If You Feel Unwell. If You Feel Unwell.pdf Instructions for individuals displaying symptoms of COVID-19. Do Not Hold Door Open For Others Do Not Hold Open Doors.pdf Instructions to not hold open exterior doors.

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The efficiency is dependent on the welding process used, with shielded metal arc welding having a value of 0.75, gas metal arc welding and submerged arc welding, 0.9, and gas tungsten arc welding, 0.8. Methods of alleviating the stresses and brittleness created in the HAZ include stress relieving and tempering.

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10. All gases ExCEpT aCETylENE: Open the fuel gas cylinder valve completely to seal the cylinder back seal packing. 11. Never test for gas leaks with a flame. Use an approved leak-detector solution. 12. Never perform welding, cutting, and heating operations on a container that has held toxic or combustible liquids or vapors. 13.

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Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing. ... Welding, Cutting, and Brazing. ... Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

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Feb 07, 2014 · Gas cutting and Gas Welding Hazards. Welding and cutting iron sheets and rods using compressed gases can be dangerous, unless the welder is aware of safety measures to prevent a possible accident. Generally welders use oxy/fuel combustible gas for shearing and welding, even as it can be used for de-scaling, cutting, straightening and welding.

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The free PDF documents below provide clear help in addressing common safety and health concerns. For more detailed information, refer to the free ANSI Z49.1 standard. Fumes and Gases. Radiation. Noise. Chromium and Nickel in Welding Fume. Electrical Hazards. Fire and Explosion Prevention. Burn Protection.

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This booklet provides safety and health information on oxy-fuel gas welding, cutting, heating, and allied products and processes such as brazing, soldering, and use of air-fuel gas equipment. You should be familiar with the information in this booklet as well as “Safety in Welding and Cutting” - ANSI Z49.1, which is

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Surface-supplied diving equipment and techniques are mainly used in professional diving due to the greater cost and complexity of owning and operating the equipment. This type of equipment is used in saturation diving, as the gas supply is relatively secure, and the diver can not bail out to the surface, and for diving in contaminated water, where the diver must be protected from the ...


41-2 Construction Health and Safety Manual WELDING AND CUTTING Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting burns a mixture of gases—oxygen and acetylene—to generate heat for welding metals (Figure 41-5). It’s the most common fuel gas cutting and welding used in construction. The process may also employ the use of a filler metal. Mixer Gas Supplies ...

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Welding and Cutting 29 CFR 1926 - Subpart J. The information in this presentation is provided voluntarily by the N.C. Department of Labor, Education Training and Technical\ഠAssistance Bureau as a public service and is made available in good faith.


10. Protect yourself, others present, welding hoses, gas cylinders, and flammable materials in the area from hot slag and spark from the welding and cutting operations. 11. The welder and spectators must wear goggles to protect the eyes from injurious light rays, sparks and hot molten metal during welding, cutting, and heating operations.

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Metals . Fabrication. Gas Welding & and Cutting. 1. Chapter 1 – Oxygen-fuel gas plant safety. Introduction. Gas welding has been around for many years and when it is carried out by a skilled

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1. Close off welding area. 1a. Eye exposure (Flashes) to personnel walking adjacent to welding operations. 1b. Risk of additional safety hazard (s) to adjacent employees. 1c. Potential fire from contact with flammable chemicals and other flammable materials in the work area.

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Mar 30, 2016 · Welding includes joining methods as diverse as fusion welding, forge welding, friction welding, braze welding, brazing, soldering and explosion welding. Welding is a potentially hazardous activity and precautions are required to avoid electrocution, fire and explosion, burns, electric shock, vision damage, inhalation of poisonous gases and ...

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A. Supervisors and workers performing welding, cutting, and/or brazing operations shall be trained in hazard recognition, evaluation, and control; fire protection; and safe work practices; and shall adhere to requirements in this procedure.

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Do not perform any “hot work” (electric or gas welding, cutting, and brazing or similar flame-producing operations and grinding) in, or on, a tank or container unless it is properly vented.

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Safety Inspection Checklist Gas Welding/Cutting/Heating Operations. Date of Inspection Location (Plant or Facility) Contract Number Contractor Name. Project Name Inspector Name (Print) Inspector Signature. This checklist serves as a guide only, it does not replace or eliminate the need to comply with the requirements set forth in

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GAS WELDING Gases Used in Welding & Cutting Processes • shielding gases, e.g. argon, carbon dioxide, helium • fuel gases, e.g. propane, acetylene, butane • oxygen (used with fuel & shielding gases) 6 – Welder’s Guide

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MIG/MAG welding 6 TIG welding 10 Plasma welding 17 Welding sheet 18 Welding plate 20 Welding pipes 22 Defects in welds 24 The right gas: MIG/MAG welding 26 TIG welding 29 Welding data: MIG/MAG welding 30 Flux cored electrodes 33 TIG welding 34 Oxy-fuel gas cutting 37 Plasma cutting 44 Safety always 46 Conversion data inside back cover

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Welding Hazards. Welders in construction are exposed to a wide. range of hazards such as inhalation of toxic fumes and gases, serious burns from hot metal, and electric shocks from welding cable. Eye protection is a must for welders and others who may be exposed to the welding process.

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This leaflet is for people who use compressed gases for welding, hot cutting and similar processes. It describes the hazards associated with portable oxy/fuel gas equipment and the precautions for avoiding injury and damage to property. Introduction Oxy/fuel gas equipment has many uses - welding, cutting, heating, straightening, and descaling.

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This policy applies to all of those employees who may perform welding, cutting, or brazing as part of their job function. III. STANDARD NCOSHA Part 1910.133, and 1926.350 1910.133 Eye and Face Protection 1910.252 Welding, Cutting, and Brazing 1926.350 Gas, Welding, and Cutting IV. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS A. Basic Precautions for Fire Prevention 1.

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“ANSI Z49.1, Safety in Welding,Cutting, and Allied Processes”. (3) This standard states that welding and cutting operations pose potential hazards from fumes, gases, electric shock, heat radia-tion, and sometimes noise. All personnel shall be warned against these hazards where applicable by the use of adequate precau-tionary labeling.

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WELDING AND CUTTING SAFETY PROCEDURE PURPOSE This Procedure provides safety and health instructions regarding gas and electric welding, cutting, brazing, or similar flame or spark-producing operations to protect personnel and property against heat, evolved gases and fumes, electrical shock, and radiation.

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Oxy-fuel welding (commonly called oxyacetylene welding, oxy welding, or gas welding in the United States) and oxy-fuel cutting are processes that use fuel gases (or liquid fuels such as gasoline) and oxygen to weld or cut metals.

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Lesson Review: Welding & Cutting When welding or cutting is being performed it must be done in a designated safe location or, if the object may not be moved, all potential fire hazards within the area must be removed or otherwise protected. For gas welding operations: • Proper care must be taken during transportation and storage of gas cylinders

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Safety Checklist For Arc Welding & Gas Cutting. SAFETY CHECKLIST FOR ARC WELDING AND GAS CUTTING. Safety Questionnaire. Before Commencing Welding Or Gas Cutting Activity. 1.1Are you a trained worker for welding and gas cutting. Remark. Yes. No. 1.2 Have you put on the correct personal protective equipment meant for welding.

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