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Air Flow Rate Required 70psi @ 125-200 SCFH (5 bar @ 80 Liters/min) 34 lbs. (15.4 kg) 15.2 x 8.5 x 18.9 in. (385 x 215 x 480 mm)


drive, plasma/oxy-fuel cutting machine is cost efficient and is manufactured in the U.S.A. There is also a two-year warranty. The PlateProXHD utilizes the latest technologies to provide unmatched speed, accuracy, versatility and durability in a thermal cutting

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Plasma Shield Plasma Shield Plasma Shield in Volts in ipm in factor % seconds O 2 Air 32 32 84 28.135 124 0.100 240 0.200 200 0.1 3/16 126 0.110 190 0.220 0.2 1/4 127 150 0.3 22 3/8 130 0.120 110 0.240 1/2 132 0.130 80 0.260 0.5 5/8 135 0.150 60 0.300

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Cutting Envelope Dimensions: 25.3” (X) x 23.3” (Y) x 3.0" (Z) Machine Weight: 130 Pounds Linear Bearing Type: Ball Bearing Carriages on Zinc-plated Steel Tube Rails Stepper Motor Size: X-Axis 284 oz-in Y-Axis 425 oz-in PC Interface: Windows USB 3/8”-8 4

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29/8/2016 · So with the plasma cutter I wanted a 4ft x 4ft cutting area and the problem is a gantry needs room at the front and back and left to right so I knew the base would need to be 5ft wide and 5ft deep to clear all the assembly and give room for the torch to move around.

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Whereas CNC Plasma cutting machine is defined as the cutting operation are done by a computer numerically controlled system. We studied CNC laser cutting above the main difference between them is, one operation perform by laser which is very costly and whereas the other one is hot plasma which is less costly and these are portables.

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Cutting capacity (amperage) is based on your application. You need about 25 amps for every ¼" of steel thickness you want to cut. (Aluminum and copper re-quire much more power.) Bevel and kerf width should be considered. Smaller plasma torches with

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Cutting Capacity in (mm) Cutting Speed ipm (m/min) Machine Resolution: Air Pressure Required Air Flow Rate Required Dimensions H x W x D in. (mm) Torchmate® 2x2 CNC Prototyping System / Tomahawk® 625 One-Pak® K3128-1 2x2 CNC Table:

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The CNC controlled Pipe Profile Cutting Machine allows 3D cutting/beveling using oxy-fuel or plasma. Advanced design and top quality components enable fast and efficient cutting with top quality results. Send an enquiry. Brochure PPCM 650. Pipe OD 50 to 650 mm (2-26") Max. pipe length 6 …

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The CNC Mill can as previously mentioned move in the X, Y and Z directions of the cartesian coordinate system. The coordinate system is defined as illustrated below. Figure 4: Coordinate system Note that the coordinate system is defined relative to the tool

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MAXPRO200 plasma system. The MAXPRO200 ® LongLife ® plasma cutting system is engineered for heavy-duty, high capacity automated and handheld cutting and gouging applications. The easy-to-use system operates with either air, oxygen, or nitrogen plasma gas, and combines fast cutting speeds and quick process changes to maximize productivity.

PLASMA CUTTING Tomahawk 625 - Lincoln Electric

Capacity Chart Recommended Maximum Severance Aluminum cutting speeds are typically 10-20% faster than mild steel. ... Add this machine torch for use on CNC plasma cutting tables. K2847-2 20 ft (6.0 m) Lincoln Electric LC40 Replacement Torch and one ...

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Cutting Envelope Dimensions: 48.25” (X) x 33.3” (Y) x 2.75" (Z) + 3” Manual Height Adjustment Machine Weight: 223 Pounds Linear Bearing Type: Ball Bearing Carriages on Zinc-plated Steel Tube Rails Stepper Motor Size: NEMA 23; X-Axis 284 oz-in, Y-Axis

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The Torchmate X Table is our light industrial CNC plasma cutting machine. This machine has been refreshed with a new unitized design and touchscreen interface for all 5x10 models. This machine is also available in larger sizes of 6x14, 6x22, 8x14, and 8x22 with

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Choose which Swift-Cut machine is right for you. The Swift-Cut CNC machine collection makes in-house metal cutting a reality for every industry – whether you need a compact machine for a small space or a large machine for production cutting all day everyday, Swift-Cut has it covered. Our Best Selling Machine. Use our table selector.

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The following Cut Charts provide the necessary information in order for the operator using the MAX200 machine torch system to be successful in plasma arc cutting. The Cut Charts are divided into two areas: (1) above water cutting (pages 4-11 through 4-33

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29/8/2016 · The result: A 1200mm x 900mm 100 watt laser in a nicely finished package that looks great— though the cost of the build was still around $6000. [via Reddit] Tagged cnc combat robot controller metal cutting plasma Plasma Cutter Tools. By Jeremy S Cook.

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This CNC plasma cutting machine is remarkably easy-to-use, accurate, and versatile. The machine is more accurate than a plasma torch. This drawing (1/10th the size of the plasma cut part) was made by the machine holding a pen. With plasma, the machine can achieve part accuracies as high as ±0.005 inch, depending on setup conditions.

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(machine can be re-indexed to cut larger materials) - CNC Pierce/Cut 3/8 (9.5) - Hand Torch Recommended: ½ (12.7) - Hand Torch Maximum: 5/8 (15.9) - Hand Torch Severance: ¾ (19.1) 2x2 CNC Table: - Traverse: up to 200 (5.1) - Cut: up to 150 (3.8)

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